Relationship Resolve London. Training. Consultancy.

I offer relationship resolution, additional information about this specialist, dedicated and short term service can be gained by calling or mailing me directly or via Relationship Resolve London is a service which is different to psychotherapy and counselling.
I work collaboratively with Jean Miller.
Fees for this service are listed on the web site.
We work with all aspects of immediate and extended family conflict, these include old rifts, issues over access to children and elderly persons, and any form of discordance. We aim to support you to find a collaborative resolution of the issues presented.
This service sits at the interface between therapy and mediation. We focus on reaching goals through effective and supported communication, without any reference to litigation.

Training: I am the founder and course director of The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy more information about this approved training course can be found via www, This course is for qualified practitioners who wish to extend their training in to this are of specialist work. Applications need to be made in the March of each year as the course is over subscribed.
We also offer a one year part time Foundation Course in Counselling Skills and Theories, please contact me me for more information.

Consultancy,: I offer consultancy and training to organisations and individuals. I have been commissioned by a wide variety of voluntary, private/corporate and statutory organisations. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a training or consultancy package.
Topics covered have include: team building, collaborative working practices,working with difficult clients, organisational issues and assertiveness training.I also offer bespoke training to a variety of organisations so that psychosexual, couples and general counselling can be made available to your specific group.

I am happy to discuss your requirements and together, with a team of experienced colleagues put together a training or consultancy package which uniquely meets your needs. Fees for this service are negotiated and discussed at time of commissioning. Please note our email is not encrypted and if you are concerned about this please call us on the numbers listed on the dedicated web site. Your records are not shared with any third party without your express permission.

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