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Making an appointment

You can call or email me to make an appointment for psychotherapy or couples and relationship therapy. I will usually respond within 12 hours.

All appointments are of 50 mins. duration unless otherwise agreed. Fees are payable in advance or at the time. Contacting me via email implies that you are happy with this means of communication both now and in the future. Should this not be the case and you prefer telephone contact only please let me know or call me on 020 8455 4511. My email address is only viewed by me. Sending/replying to an email constitutes acceptance that your email address will be kept on record by me and may be used to communicate with you about appointments and so on. It will not be used for other purposes or shared with third parties.

My current fee for therapy is 110.00 per session. Fees rise annually. I am registered with several private health insurance companies. Occasionally I can offer a slightly reduced rate if clients can attend during the day.

Relationship Resolve has a different fee scale which is clearly stated on the web site, please contact me directly or go to our web site www.relationshipresolvelondon.org.uk for this service.

Practice hours:
Monday - Thursday 09.00 - 18.30

Individual Psychotherapy, couples therapy and relationship therapy can be challenging so at our first assessment session we will map out what your hopes, aims and goals are. Together we will decide if individual or couples psychotherapy or psychosexual/relationship therapy is the best and most helpful way forward for you. Individual and/or couples counselling and therapy can enhance your life and relationships for the better and is a serious undertaking and commitment. Together we will work towards your life enrichment and enhancement.

Following your assessment we will decide together if we will have a time limited contract or an open ended one. I am happy to make onward recommendations if we both feel this is the best course of action. I will ask you for your home address, telephone numbers and G.P's details in the event that I consider it appropriate to contact them.

Data Protection/Privacy

I store client contact details on my personal computer and phone, both of which require a login and are password protected before data can be accessed. Please let me know if you would prefer that I did not keep such data in your case. Your contact details are only seen by me. Your details are never shared with a third party unless I am legally required to do so.. The voluntary data supplied by you is intended for the sole use of Judi Keshet-Orr. It is possible that the site will collect voluntary data e.g name, contact number, email address

I use conventional domestic email, which like all such services is not specially encrypted. If you are concerned about the breaches of privacy that might potentially occur in any such system, then please do not mail sensitive information, or choose an alternative means of communication. By all means call me on 020 84554511 if you prefer. All reasonable steps will be taken to protect the identifying information you provide.

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